Case Study: Permeable Pavers

Washington Avenue, Riverwood North


Riverwood, NSW


Georges River


July 2013


Warren Smith & Partners and Turf Design


Sam the Paving Man


HydroSTON 80

HydroSTON 80 vehicle pavers installed in parking bays of a residential development in Riverwood, Sydney

HydroSTON 80 Charcoal pavers have been used in parking bays in the second phase of the Riverwood North residential renewal development being undertaken by Payce Communities Pty Ltd in partnership with Housing NSW.

80mm thick HydroSTON vehicle pavers (HydroSTON 80) have been installed over:

  • 30mm compacted single size 5mm no fines basalt on unwoven geotextile;
  • 200mm compacted no fines DGB 20 crushed aggregate on unwoven geotextile;
  • compacted subgrade / imported fill subject to CBR testing.

Pavement and substructure design is relatively straightforward for permeable subgrades and where pavements are intended for pedestrian or light vehicle use. Pavements should be designed for both permeability and stability. Substructures for non-residential and high traffic applications should be specified by qualified road or pavement engineers.

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