HydroSTON, Permeable Concrete Pavers

Specialising in permeable concrete pavers

HydroSTON Permeable Pavers, Made in Australia

Permeable paving for residential, commercial and industrial applications

HydroSTON Pavers, Filter capture and harvest stormwater

Filter, capture & harvest stormwater

Reuse and manage stormwater at source

HydroSTON Pavers, Reduce load on systems

Reduce load on systems

Recharge groundwater and aquifers

HydroSTON Pavers, improve urban micro-climates

Improve urban micro-climates

Contribute to reduction of heat island effect

HydroSTON Pavers, Increase air and water to supply to trees

Increase air & water supply to trees

Selected by arborists for tree and plant health

HydroSTON Permeable Concrete Pavers

Base course

HydroSTON Pavers


Bedding course & geotextile

Edge restraint

Slotted drain pipe


Eco-friendly permeable pavers for urban water management

Permeable pavements allow rain and stormwater to infiltrate directly into the ground:

  • reducing stormwater run-off
  • improving water quality, tree health and urban micro-climates. 

HydroSTON permeable pavers are porous and free draining – great for tree health and water quality, especially in urban micro-climates. They’re also strong, durable and highly slip resistant, suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.


HydroSTON pavers protect micro-climates in urban developments

Developers chose HydroSTON pavers for parking bays in the second phase of the Riverwood North residential renewal development being undertaken by Payce Communities Pty Ltd in partnership with Housing NSW.

80mm thick HydroSTON vehicle pavers (HydroSTON 80) were installed by Sam the Paving Man to a design by Warren Smith & Partners and Turf Design.

HydroSTON, Permeable Concrete Pavers
HydroSTON pavers, environment


HydroSTON pavers allow water to go back into the soil – great for tree health and water quality

HydroSTON Pavers, Unsealed surfaces

Unsealed surfaces

Progressive councils use HydroSTON to improve water quality in urban micro-climates

HydroSTON Pavers, Made in Australia

Made in Australia

HydroSTON permeable pavers are manufactured in Cowra, NSW and delivered Australia-wide

HydroSTON pavers, Landscape design

Landscape design

HydroSTON pavers are strong and slip-resistant – for residential and commercial projects

HydroSTON permeable pavers are suitable for:

  • Commercial areas
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Footpaths
  • Driveways
  • Parking areas
  • Tree surrounds
  • Courtyards & plazas
  • Lanes & walkways

Custom designed pavers for your project

HydroSTON pavers are available for vehicle and pedestrian applications. While Light Grey and Charcoal are standard colours, HydroSTON can be manufactured to customer preferences in a range of other colours. HydroSTON is manufactured at Cowra in NSW and delivered from the factory directly to customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as regional locations in all States and Territories.


Design and installation guides

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Browse the range of HydroSTON pavers for sizes and colours

HydroSTON Pavers being installed


How to install HydroSTON permeable pavers

HydroSTON Permeable Pavers Maintenance


How to maintain HydroSTON permeable pavers


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