Tanderrum Way, Broadmedows VIC

HydroSTON 80 permeable pavers used in major landscaping upgrade of Main Street (Tanderrum Way), Broadmeadows VIC.  Cross section photo of HydroSTON pavement and bioretention drainage system courtesy Outlines Landscape Architecture. Article on this multi-award winning system was published in the February/March issue of the Journal of Public Works Engineering. More on redevelopment of Main Street.

Alice Street, Turramurra NSW

HydroSTON 80 Charcoal pavers (90 m2) used for the driveway and HydroSTON 50 Block Charcoal (20 m2) for the separate footpath leading up to the front entrance.

Wilford Lane, Newtown

HydroSTON Traffic Pavers, Wilford Lane, Newtown

Marrickville Council, in the inner west region of Sydney, wanted to redevelop Wilford Lane in Newtown. The lane is low traffic primarily used by cars but also once or twice a day by lorries and service vehicles.

Washington Avenue, Riverwood North

HydroSTON Traffic Pavers, Washington Avenue, Riverwood North

HydroSTON 80 Charcoal pavers have been used in parking bays in the second phase of the Riverwood North residential renewal development being undertaken by Payce Communities Pty Ltd in partnership with Housing NSW.

Dening Street, Drummoyne

HydroSTON Traffic Pavers, Dening Street, Drummoyne

This superb residential permeable driveway uses 86 m2 of HydroSTON 80 Charcoal pavers for both the body and border, laid in stretcher bond pattern.

Belmore Gardens, Barton ACT

HydroSTON Traffic Pavers, The Brassey Hotel of Canberra

HydroSTON 80 vehicle pavers were manufactured to order in Ginger colour in keeping with the hotel’s heritage-listed AAA 4-star property rating.