Bondi Beach NSW

Bondi Beach

HydroCon pipes treat and harvest stormwater at Bondi Beach. WSUD supported by local government.

Weathertex, Heatherbrae

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Heatherbrae Industrial Estate

The project was one of three sites intensively studied by UTS over a three year period with funding from the Australian Research Council Linkages Program.

Rockdale Drainage

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Rockdale Drainage

Council has developed a number of innovative approaches to road drainage using HydroCon pipes to infiltrate stormwater directly into the sand subgrade.

Heatherbrae Industrial Estate

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Heatherbrae Industrial Estate

Development approval was given for the establishment of the Kinross Business & Industrial Estate due largely to the proven ability of HydroCon pipe systems to prevent contamination of groundwater.

Altona Beach Renourishment

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Altona Beach

HydroCon permeable pipes have been used successfully to improve stormwater drainage outfall at Altona Beach in Victoria.

Powells Creek, Concord West

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Powells Creek, Concord West

The purpose of the project was to capture and treat runoff from the carpark and use the harvested water to irrigate the two playing fields.

Ashgrove Subdivision, Regents Park

HydroCon Permeable Pipes, Regents Park

The rezoning of the RAAF Stores Depot to a residential zoning created the opportunity for Mirvac to develop a cutting edge sustainable development at Regents Park.