Case Study: Permeable Pavers

Botanic Gardens, Sydney


Sydney, NSW




November 2017


Herringbone pattern


Non-conventional substructure


HydroSTON 80 Charcoal Pavers

HydroSTON pavement installed in forecourt of new Plant Clinic at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

HydroSTON permeable concrete pavers were specified for the forecourt of the new Plant Clinic, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, which was officially opened on 20 November 2017 by the NSW Minister for Environment, the Hon. Gabrielle Upton, MP.

265 m2 of HydroSTON 80 Charcoal pavers were supplied and delivered by HydroCon to the then Plant Pathology Laboratory site in July 2017 for installation in herringbone pattern over a non-conventional substructure consisting of a 100 mm base course of no-fines concrete and a 30 mm thick bedding layer of coarse river sand separated by a non-woven, high porosity geotextile.

HydroSTON pavers should ensure that the forecourt remains free of surface water even during heavy downpours, minimising stormwater runoff and retaining water on site for the benefit of the site’s significant trees. Importantly, the free-draining and highly slip resistant pavement surface should provide additional safety to visitors of all ages.

Almost $500K was raised by the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Garden to support the revitalisation of the PlantClinic. Funding has enabled new building works, construction of forecourt pavement using HydroSTON permeable concrete paving, landscaping and the installation of interpretative signage. The new facilities are designed to allow visitors to engage and interact with plant science and plant scientists working at the Plant Clinic.

“Thanks for the beautiful product.” Jimmy Turner, Director of Horticultural Management, Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands #rbgsydney

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